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How to Start an Online Store on Shopify

Welcome to The Ultimate Guide to Building an Online T-Shirt Store. Before we get started, there are two really important things you need to know:

First, as a student of this course, you’re entitled to an extended 30-day free trial of Shopify—an offer you won’t find anywhere else. Sign up now to follow along with the course, or bookmark that unique link for when you’re ready.

Second, course attendees can get access to an exclusive bonus pack created to help them design better t-shirts, make more sales, and drive highly qualified traffic to their store using Facebook. Here’s what’s inside:

  • 50 Ways to Make Your First Sale (eBook)
  • Facebook Advertising for Ecommerce Entrepreneurs (eBook)
  • Paid (and Free) Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Store (Video)
  • 22 Awesome T-Shirt Templates and Mockups (PDF)
  • Break-Even Analysis Template (Spreadsheet)
  • 6 Essential Shopify Apps for your T-Shirt Store (Document)
  • Exclusive discounts on fonts, icons, and design resources
  • Every lesson of this course in a compact, easy-to-read PDF

How to claim the bonus pack:

To receive these bonuses, simplystart your extended 30-day free trial and select a plan in Shopify. When you’re done, submit your store’s URL using this form (you don’t need to remove your storefront password or open your store to the public).

One last thing! As a student of this course, you’ve earned an invite to our private Facebook group for t-shirt merchants.Join now to ask questions, chat with students, and stay motivated.

What’s Next?

In your first lesson, you’ll learn why choosing a smart niche is the key to your online store’s success. To help you find one, we’ll share our secrets for effectively brainstorming ideas and validing their sales potential.

Stay Tuned!

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