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Lesson 6: How to Drive Traffic to Your Online Store and Make sales


Hey again,

Launching your online t-shirt store was just the beginning. If you want to start driving traffic and making sales, you’ll need to learn a few things about marketing.

That’s why, as a special bonus, any course attendee that selects a plan in Shopify will get access to Marketing and Driving Sales to Your T-Shirt Store, an exclusive 24-minute bonus course created to accelerate your success and help you earn sales.

In addition to the course, you’ll also receive a collection of our best resources for new t-shirt business owners:

  • Facebook Advertising for Ecommerce Entrepreneurs (eBook)
  • 22 Awesome T-Shirt Templates and Mockups (PDF)
  • 6 Essential Shopify Apps for your T-Shirt Store (Document)
  • The core lessons in my training in one compact, easy-to-read PDF

336x2804Click Here

To get access to the whole bundle, just select a plan in Shopify. They’ll send the bonuses to you within 48 hours.

All the best!

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