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Reasons Why Your Degree Certificate Cannot Make You Wealthy

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The idea is not to  condemn the school system, but rather to arouse in us the need to urgently review it. Carefully read the points raised and agree or disagree. But most importantly, don’t read it like you are in the school. Read for knowledge and make necessary applications.

Let’s get started…

  • The school system majors in the minor things about life and minor on major things about life.
  • In the school system you are taught that civil service job is your job.
  • The school teaches that being a civil servant and having a constant monthly paycheck is a sure way to financial security.
  • What you learn in school is financial security not independence.
  • The school teaches you to write in-between the lines not to write outside the margin so that you don’t take the risk of trying to discover other ways of writing.
  • The school teaches you how to work on other people’s goals and get paid for it.
  • School prepares you for sale and for slavery.
  • The school teaches people to wait for the right time.
  • It is only in the school system that you can find luck as a language.
  • The school system believes money is the root of all evil.

  • The school system still teaches what was taught 25 years ago.
  • You learn from school to play along with your employer so that you get increase in your paycheck.
  • The school doesn’t teach you how to manage your paycheck.
  • You learn in school that the only way to live without poverty is hard work.
  • And that your certificate is the only insurance policy to financial success.
  • School teaches you that the only instrument to fight poverty is certificate.
  • School prepares you for the labour market.
  • The school teaches you how to spend money to look good, buy expensive cars and live in expensive house.
  • The school teaches you how to work hard for money but don’t teach you how money can work hard for you.
  • In school, you discover that the basic tool for life success is certificate.
  • Students work hard to pass their examinations and to get certificates, only few work to achieve knowledge .
  • The school prepares first class,  second class and third class slaves and offload them in the labour market every year.
  • The school doesn’t teach you the difference between assets and liabilities.
  • The school education teaches you that increase in income means increase in spending.
  • School teaches you to see promotion in your workplace as opportunity for higher expensive lifestyle.
  • How money works is not a subject in school.
  • School prepares you for the labour market not for the money market.

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  • School teaches that investment is for the money professionals.
  • School only teaches you to become an employee and self-employed.
  • In school, you become what you study.
  •  The school doesn’t teach you how to start your own business.
  • School defines business as an act of buying and selling.
  • School mistakes job for business.
  • The school teaches you not to take risks and to be afraid of failure.
  •  In school, you are a failure when you make a mistake,

  • And a fool when you take risks. The school doesn’t teach you about time.
  • But time is more than money,  it is life.
  • The school only teaches you how to spend your time,  and read your books to pass your exams, not for knowledge.
  • You go to school to learn how to become a good servant not a master.
  • This is because the school only teaches you how to humbly apply for jobs to serve others.
Culled from “What they didn’t teach you in school” by C.S Kennedy.
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